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Writing generic Go code

Golang doesn't have generics like other languages, but you can still write generic code.

MVC is dead, long live MVC

A discussion on design patterns from the perspective of Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.

Ember component for secure file upload to S3

Create a custom file input component that allows files to be uploaded to a private bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Solution (S3).

Hobby dev

Images of the Mandelbrot set - Served by Google AppEngine

A web service written in Go for the Google AppEngine. The API returns a region of the Mandelbrot set. Each image is a 256x256 pixel png. Visit the link above for more.

Beer API - Serve any data. Compatible with Ember Data REST Adapter.

A REST web server written in Go. This program responds as expected to any (work in progress) request from Ember Data's REST Adapter. The backend does no processing, all the responsibility for the data is on the Ember application. Checkout the Ember-cli application BeerDemo to see how the server may be used. This is a also a demonstration of how easily web applications can be written using Ember Data.

EveryREST - An App Engine REST server

A minimal web server for Google App Engine. The server does not handle any of the application logic. It is an implementation of Beer API using the App Engine Datastore. My thinking is that all the logic can be handled by an Ember App using the REST Adapter. These ease of deploying this code to App Engine makes it possible to allow each user to own their instance of the server.



Hyrax Biosciences


South African National Bioinfromatics Institute - HIV Group

Presents in the Post

OPSI Systems



Great explanations of the colours in the sky

Serious physics discussion about the multiverse theory